College life at Weber State University


College life is very different from school life; it’s like going from Earth to Mars for living. Your lifestyle will change completely. You will learn many new things that will help you to become a matured person. Here are the major attractions of a college life.


It is more fun in the sense that unlike school where you had fixed classes, in college the classes are more flexible. The choices of classes are also huge. The class size is bigger.

Teaching style

Instructor’s style of providing lectures is different. Most of all, the work load is different. College is a place where you get the chance to interact with people.


Many people have to live in dormitories; so they learn how to share room and cope up with one another despite their differences. Many learn to cook while living in the dormitories. You have to do everything yourself, including your laundry.

Student activities

In the weekends there are different activities for the students. There are also different clubs that students can get involved in; from sports to social work.

Personal freedom

Imagine for how long you had been yearning for this freedom. The freedom is good and fun, but responsibility also comes along with it. You have to take control of everything, from managing your finance to doing laundry.

So, you can see that college life is like a pendulum; sometimes it’s fun and at other times it drains all your energy. The best way to cope up with the new environment is to stay focused and positive all the time. Think of this place as your grooming platform.