Exploring Scentsy’s Products

Untitled_114037079781406142749The people who join Scentsy as sales consultants will have a myriad of products to sell to their potential customers. Among these products are various cleaning agents including but by no means limited to Counter Cleaner, Hand Soap, Kitchen Soap and my own personal favorite by the name of Scentsy Fresh.

In addition to these cleaning products a Scentsy sales consultant might also have occasion to sell a slew of grooming products as well. These grooming products are in no small part comprised of Cream Shave Soap, Nourishing Skin Conditioner, Refreshing Face Balm and the world famous Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar.

What is that you say? Will the people who join Scentsy as sales consultants also sell scent producing items for the home? That, gentle reader, is a silly question. The Scentsy corporation specializes in purveying purveyors of scent. Of course Scentsy sells scent producing items for the home. This specific line of products includes Warmers, Diffusers and Warmer Accessories.

Perhaps the reader is wondering if the Scentsy products for sale include items that kids might be interested in. Well, the reader should wonder no more because the answer to that question is most definitely yes. These items include Bath Smoothies, Buddy Clips, Kids 100% Natural Oils, Kids Scent Paks, Kids Scentsy Bars, Limited Edition Scentsy Buddies, Scentsy Kid Warmers and also Scrubby Buddies as well.

The reader’s next question logically follows therefrom. What about products for the laundry? Am I right? Scentsy has got them too. There is the Scentsy Clothing Conditioner, Dryer Disk, Laundry Liquid and last but never least the Washer Whiffs.

In terms of Scents it is by no means a surprise to anyone to find out that there are many, many scents available for the Scentsy sales consultant to sell. The scents come in the form of Scentsy Bars, Natural and Essential Oils and also Scentsy On The Go. Enjoy!