Learning More About the Drum Heater

drum2Great Minds apparently want to learn more about the drum heater and what it has to offer. At least that is what the readers of this blog have expressed to a large degree in the many letters piling up in our mail room. Quite honestly the workers in the mail room are having trouble dealing with the incredible volume of letters and assorted parcels we receive on a daily basis. In our limited capacity to sort through this avalanche we have determined with a relatively reliable degree of certainty that this is an issue the readers feel requires our attention.


If this is the subject that the great minds want to learn more about then who are we to deny them? Obviously we are not obligated by contract or otherwise to give the audience what it asks for. However, we to a certain extent must cater to our audience as they are the ones who keep our lights on so to speak. And there really is no conflict here. We do not mind catering to our audience in this way. To a certain extent it is what we are designed to do.

And so cater to them we will both because it is what we are designed to do but also because we enjoy providing this service. Much like the heating element on a drum is designed to heat the drum and by extension heat the contents of the drum. Certainly it is important for certain contents of certain drums to remain above a specific temperature in order to avoid spoilage or sub optimal performance. Accordingly, we can think of it this way. We are the drum and our audience is the contents inside of the drum. It is our desire to keep our contents heated (so to speak) by catering to their whims.