Cost Of Teeth Whitening At The Dental Office And Why It Is The Best Option

cost of teeth whitening

Everyone dreams of having a bright white smile and there are many different ways that you can whiten your teeth. Often all these choices for teeth whitening can be overwhelming and confusing to so many people, but it helps to know that there are only two categories when it comes to teeth whitening options that you can choose from, there are professional in office teeth whitening or at home products. No matter which one you choose they both can be effective. Both at home and in office whitening kits will contain peroxide based bleaching. 

If you’re trying to decide between these two options and trying to decide whether you should do your teeth whitening at home or at the dentist, I would recommend visiting your dentist to find out more about in office teeth whitening. There are many more advantages in office teeth whitening than there are from home kits. Some people do get decent results by using at-home products but the advantages of professional teeth whitening are much bigger and there might be some health risks to your teeth involved in the at-home whitening kits. 

Before you make any decisions, you should visit your dentist and talk with him about all the pros and cons of teeth whitening. A lot of people fail to see great results from at-home whitening kits and may be tempted to leave the whitening solution on their teeth for way too long. Leaving the solution on your teeth for too long can result in dental problems that may lead to your teeth hurting. 

Whitening your teeth at the dentist usually gives you results much faster than doing it yourself at home. Also the solution of peroxide and bleach is much stronger at the dentist than in the kits you buy at the store. Typically, to get your teeth from two to seven shades brighter, you should expect to do several appointments that will last 30 to 60 minutes. Some dentists may offer quicker results that will only take 2 hours in one office visit. 

Cost Of Teeth Whitening 

Typically the cost of teeth whitening will result in costing more at home then at your local dentist, and the final results are quicker and better at the dentist than at home. Professional in office whitening can cost anywhere between $500 to $1000, however the results are much better from professional whitening than at home whitening. The cost of at-home whitening can be anywhere between $600-$100 and it all depends on how many kits you will end up having to buy to achieve your desired results. Your dentist will also offer you a custom- fit tray that can help you keep your teeth white in between your appointments. Also many patients that seek a brighter smile will often use a combination of professional and at-home treatments for long lasting results. And  since everyone’s goal is to end up with a white and a bright smile, most patients find that professional teeth whitening is the best option for their teeth.