The Importance of SEO Salt Lake City

shutterstock_111903647-character-with-planThe Great Minds Learn Blog would like to call the attention of its most loyal readers to the idea that if their business is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and has a web presence it must employ the tactics we like to call SEO Salt Lake City. The reason we would like to call your attention to this subject is because SEO or search engine optimization are the techniques used to make a website appear higher in the search engine listings in response to a search using specific key words. This is important because if your business appears higher in the listings it is more likely that a person surfing the web will visit your website.


Search engine optimization (be it in Salt Lake City or anywhere else) is a complicated area of knowledge and is constantly changing. The main idea behind search engine optimization is to make the content of a website appear more relevant to the web bots employed by search engines. There are many factors that will influence this calculation. For example the presence of key words in the content is considered to be important. The key words are the words entered into the search engine by the web surfer.

Another example would be the presence of back links or referring links to the website. Back links or referring links are simply hyper-links from another website that refer back to the website whose content is being optimized. The logic behind this is simple. If a number of websites link to another website, that other website appears to be more important or relevant. The relevance of course is always in relation to the key words used by the web surfer in the search engine itself. Of course there are many other factors that are considered as well.