The ASVAB Opens Doors to Experience

blog1One important requirement for enlistment in the United States Armed Services is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB test. Successful completion of the ASVAB is required for enlistment in all branches of the United States Armed Services including the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, the U. S. Marines Corps, the U. S. Air Force, the U. S. Coast Guard as well as the U. S. National Guard.

The ASVAB consists of both a multiple choice section and a written section and both sections cover ten specific subject areas. These areas include (1)  General Science, (2) Arithmetic Reasoning, (3) Word Knowledge, (4) Paragraph Comprehension, (5) Mathematics Knowledge, (6) Electronics Information, (7) Automotive and Shop Information, (8) Mechanical Comprehension, (9) Assembling Objects and finally (10) Verbal Expression.

The ASVAB is used to both test the candidate for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Services eligibility for enlistment as well as assess the candidate’s skill set so as to better match the candidate with an appropriate job within the U. S. Armed Services.

Many successful candidates for admission report that the primary that reason they performed well on the ASVAB test is that they prepared for it by taking the ASVAB practice test. The reason for this is simple and twofold. First, by taking multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test the candidate for enlistment becomes familiarized with the ASVAB test format. Secondly, by taking multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test the candidate for enlistment will learn which of the ten subject areas will require additional study.

Once the candidate for enlistment in the United States Armed Services successfully takes and passes the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery he or she is on his or her way towards an exciting career. A career in the United States Armed Services is exciting because it exposes young people to experiences they would not be able to experience otherwise.

Making the Right Choice in College Housing

blog2Housing is a personal thing. The space where you live is the space where you will spend the most of your time. Accordingly when seeking the best choice amongst all the choices available within the Weber State housing system one must make that choice with the utmost care and precision. This is true because the wrong choice can result in a year of misery. If you choose the wrong roommate your daily experience will be populated by petty annoyances and awkward moments aplenty. If you choose the wrong building your nightly experience might be spent shivering in bed or smelling the foul odors resulting from the landlord’s ineptitude.

I urge you. I beg you to not make this choice lightly. Take the time you need to explore all the options available that Weber State housing has to offer. For if you do take the time you need to make the right choice, even if you end up making the wrong choice you will at least be able to take solace in the fact that you did what you could to make the right choice. Then you will not blame yourself. Then you will be able to sleep at night with your conscience clear.

If per chance  you invest the proper time to make this most important of choices and then roll the dice to see if in fact it pays off, that my friend, is all you can do. Sit back and relax as the principal of my elementary school used to say when we watched movies in the gymnasium on those days when school had to be in session but the teachers had nothing to teach us. Perhaps it was the end of the year (it is difficult for me to remember now). Regardless of what time of year that memory came from your time of year is right now and the choice of housing is up to you.

Exploring Scentsy’s Products

Untitled_114037079781406142749The people who join Scentsy as sales consultants will have a myriad of products to sell to their potential customers. Among these products are various cleaning agents including but by no means limited to Counter Cleaner, Hand Soap, Kitchen Soap and my own personal favorite by the name of Scentsy Fresh.

In addition to these cleaning products a Scentsy sales consultant might also have occasion to sell a slew of grooming products as well. These grooming products are in no small part comprised of Cream Shave Soap, Nourishing Skin Conditioner, Refreshing Face Balm and the world famous Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar.

What is that you say? Will the people who join Scentsy as sales consultants also sell scent producing items for the home? That, gentle reader, is a silly question. The Scentsy corporation specializes in purveying purveyors of scent. Of course Scentsy sells scent producing items for the home. This specific line of products includes Warmers, Diffusers and Warmer Accessories.

Perhaps the reader is wondering if the Scentsy products for sale include items that kids might be interested in. Well, the reader should wonder no more because the answer to that question is most definitely yes. These items include Bath Smoothies, Buddy Clips, Kids 100% Natural Oils, Kids Scent Paks, Kids Scentsy Bars, Limited Edition Scentsy Buddies, Scentsy Kid Warmers and also Scrubby Buddies as well.

The reader’s next question logically follows therefrom. What about products for the laundry? Am I right? Scentsy has got them too. There is the Scentsy Clothing Conditioner, Dryer Disk, Laundry Liquid and last but never least the Washer Whiffs.

In terms of Scents it is by no means a surprise to anyone to find out that there are many, many scents available for the Scentsy sales consultant to sell. The scents come in the form of Scentsy Bars, Natural and Essential Oils and also Scentsy On The Go. Enjoy!

The Proclivities of Students

WeberStateUniversityLogoIt has been said on numerous occasions that many years ago, perhaps in a by gone era many a student chose to live in the on campus Weber state housing. As time went on, however, these people learned about the numerous off campus options. Many of which just so happened to be conveniently located right smack dab (as they say) in an area directly adjacent to the Weber State University itself.


Specifically there is an apartment complex known by the people living in the area as Harrison Heights which just so happens to be under both new ownership and new management at the same time. Moreover, these new owners and new managers have put their left hand directly upon the holy Bible and made a promise before the Lord almighty that they would take every step necessary to be the number one off campus housing option for every single Weber State student be they a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or even the occasional post graduate student.


Weber State University students all seem to appreciate the close  proximity between the apartment building and the campus. Furthermore, the Weber State University students also seem to enjoy university housing apartments which happen to be larger than the Weber State housing dorms. The apartment building known as Harrison Heights has taken great pains to install the highest speed internet available to them that every Weber State student dreams of. It has been said that Ogden residents have regularly expressed how much they love how close Harrison Heights is to Weber State University campus itself. In fact, the complex of apartments is closer to Weber State University than many of the so called on-campus dorms. With all this going for it, it is no wonder that many people joyously describe Harrison Heights to be the best option in all of the options available related to Weber State University off campus housing.

The Heroic Quest to Pass the ASVAB Test

planning-your-study-university-worcesterWhen a candidate for enlistment in the United States Armed Services anticipates sitting for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (or ASVAB test) he must do what it takes to be properly prepared for excellence. This experience may parallel the motif of hero’s journey described by Joseph Campbell in great detail in his earth shattering work “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”


First of all the candidate for enlistment finds himself in what is called the ordinary world. This is his comfort zone. It is a mundane experience. Perhaps the candidate for enlistment finds himself down on his luck or otherwise felling stuck in life. Suddenly in the midst of this existence he receives a call to adventure in the form of an invitation to sit for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. To prepare for this exam the candidate takes multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test. This helps him to become familiar with the test format and the subject areas the test itself will cover.
Without noticing it the candidate has found that he has crossed the threshold from the ordinary world into the special world of ASVAB test preparation. He finds himself scouring multiple versions of the ASVAB practice test making sure that he is quite familiar with all ten distinct subject areas covered by the test. Perhaps at this state the candidate meets up with allies in the form of other candidates for enlistment who are also studying for the ASVAB. Perhaps the candidate hero and his allies encounter enemies who seek to break his concentration. But all these tests only work to steal the hero’s resolve to succeed on the test. It must be obvious to anyone familiar with Joseph Campbell’s concept of the hero’s journey that the main ordeal that the candidate hero must face is the test itself.