Making the Right Choice in College Housing

blog2Housing is a personal thing. The space where you live is the space where you will spend the most of your time. Accordingly when seeking the best choice amongst all the choices available within the Weber State housing system one must make that choice with the utmost care and precision. This is true because the wrong choice can result in a year of misery. If you choose the wrong roommate your daily experience will be populated by petty annoyances and awkward moments aplenty. If you choose the wrong building your nightly experience might be spent shivering in bed or smelling the foul odors resulting from the landlord’s ineptitude.

I urge you. I beg you to not make this choice lightly. Take the time you need to explore all the options available that Weber State housing has to offer. For if you do take the time you need to make the right choice, even if you end up making the wrong choice you will at least be able to take solace in the fact that you did what you could to make the right choice. Then you will not blame yourself. Then you will be able to sleep at night with your conscience clear.

If per chanceĀ  you invest the proper time to make this most important of choices and then roll the dice to see if in fact it pays off, that my friend, is all you can do. Sit back and relax as the principal of my elementary school used to say when we watched movies in the gymnasium on those days when school had to be in session but the teachers had nothing to teach us. Perhaps it was the end of the year (it is difficult for me to remember now). Regardless of what time of year that memory came from your time of year is right now and the choice of housing is up to you.