Saved By Rosary Beads

green_bernadette_rosary_beads_3I ask myself this question every day. Was it real or did I just imagine it? I heard the voice whisper to me something I could not exactly understand at first. And so I strained my ears and listened harder. It is not so much that my efforts increased the volume of the whisper but I think I simply became accustomed to it and through this increased familiarity I became better able to discern its variables in pitch and tone. And amidst this faint breath of sound I heard the words that I have heard several times before.

Join Scentsy,” it said.

Now when I heard the words I experienced this uncanny feeling that I had heard these words before. Or perhaps it was that I felt I had been in this exact situation before. It was the same place and same time and it was the same voice whispering those haunting words.

Mind you, I grew up a strict, pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic and had always been advised that witchcraft, Ouija boards and the like were all strictly anathema to me and a danger to my soul. So when I heard those whispered words, “Join Scentsy” I knew straight away that I might be in some sort of cosmic jeopardy. And so at that moment I took immediate action to protect myself from whatever might follow.

I ran to the kitchen and opened the drawer. I kept a small plastic box with rosary beads behind the yellow pages. After a few minutes of rummaging I found them and held them in my hands. I made the sign of the cross and blessed myself. I affirmed my belief by reciting the Apostle’s creed and then proceeded bead after bead with my prayers. My memory after this point in time fades. When I awoke the darkness had left me and I felt safe and at peace.