The Proclivities of Students

WeberStateUniversityLogoIt has been said on numerous occasions that many years ago, perhaps in a by gone era many a student chose to live in the on campus Weber state housing. As time went on, however, these people learned about the numerous off campus options. Many of which just so happened to be conveniently located right smack dab (as they say) in an area directly adjacent to the Weber State University itself.


Specifically there is an apartment complex known by the people living in the area as Harrison Heights which just so happens to be under both new ownership and new management at the same time. Moreover, these new owners and new managers have put their left hand directly upon the holy Bible and made a promise before the Lord almighty that they would take every step necessary to be the number one off campus housing option for every single Weber State student be they a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or even the occasional post graduate student.


Weber State University students all seem to appreciate the close  proximity between the apartment building and the campus. Furthermore, the Weber State University students also seem to enjoy university housing apartments which happen to be larger than the Weber State housing dorms. The apartment building known as Harrison Heights has taken great pains to install the highest speed internet available to them that every Weber State student dreams of. It has been said that Ogden residents have regularly expressed how much they love how close Harrison Heights is to Weber State University campus itself. In fact, the complex of apartments is closer to Weber State University than many of the so called on-campus dorms. With all this going for it, it is no wonder that many people joyously describe Harrison Heights to be the best option in all of the options available related to Weber State University off campus housing.